Regulatory Affairs

Mike Van Kleeck

Michael T. Van Kleeck has over 22 years experience in the investments & financial planning industry. He has a BS in Business Finance and holds the CFP®, AIF® and CSCP® certifications.

Regulatory Affairs Chair Summary

It shall be the Regulatory Affairs Chair’s obligation to fulfill a one-year term, at the appointment of the President, undertaking the following:

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Oversee, coordinate and lead the Regulatory Affairs Committee in its responsibilities as outlined in the Committee Description.
  • Recruit Committee members.
  • Organize and lead all Committee Meetings; ensure they occur as needed.
  • Report on the activities and process of the Committee at the regular SCCG Officer’s meetings, or as may be requested by the SCCG Officers.
  • Provide material updates to the Membership via electronic communications or at the quarterly Member’s meetings.

Must be a member in good standing of the SCCG and be appointed by the President. Individual must perform the above essential duties satisfactorily.

Skills and Abilities:

Time commitment
Knowledge of the industry and its components

Team player and self-motivated

Strong written and verbal communications skills